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We are a group of lawyers, legal academics, retired judges and constitutional specialists who came together to campaign for a Leave vote in the referendum. Now that the country has voted to leave the European Union,  we have also been joined by many lawyers who supported Remain but now wish to working constructively to make sure the exit process is carried out in the best interests of the United Kingdom.

Preparing for Brexit

After the referendum victory for Leave, the focus of our work has shifted from campaigning to working on the legal process by which Brexit will be successfully delivered. That process is governed by Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. Preparations for exit will involve making changes to the UK's international treaty relationships and to its internal laws, as well as addressing the post-exit relationship between the UK and the remaining EU. We have published our step-by-step guidance to all the major aspects of this process in Brexit - how it would all work.

Politeia publishes "Leaving the EU" by Martin Howe QC

Politeia (A Forum for Social and Economic Thinking) has published "Leaving the EU: Legal and Trade Priorities for the New Britain" by Martin Howe QC, Chair of Lawyers for Britain: download here. It is summarised on the Politeia website. It sets out a comprehensive plan for preparing the UK's international trade relations and domestic laws to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, as well as how relations with the remaining EU should be handled.

UK can negotiate and conclude trade treaties before we leave

Lawyers for Britain Committee Member and barrister Francis Hoar has researched in depth the legal arguments about whether the UK is prevented from negotiating and concluding international trade agreements before the date it exits the EU. He concludes that the argument that the UK is prevented from doing so has no support from the EU Treaties or from the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union: see Negotiating International Trade Treaties before Exit.

We combat moves to frustrate the referendum

We also scrutinise the various litigious moves which are being made by opponents of Brexit to undermine and overturn the democratic decision of the British people in Why the Referendum is Binding, and publish the reactions of some concerned lawyers to the attempt by some members of the Bar to gather support for a legally flawed letter to the Prime Minister which asks for the referendum result to be overturned and replaced by a Parliamentary vote.

Joining us and following us

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