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We are a group of lawyers, legal academics, retired judges and constitutional specialists who came together to campaign for a Leave vote in the referendum. Now that the country has voted to leave the European Union,  we have also been joined by many lawyers who supported Remain but now wish to working constructively to make sure the exit process is carried out in the best interests of the United Kingdom.

The General Election

As a non-Party/cross-Party group, we do not campaign for or against any political parties or candidates. But Brexit is central to this election campaign and we have an important role in informing the public about the legal issues and intricacies which affect and lie behind many of the arguments.

The EU's financial claims against the UK

These financial claims - now apparently for €100bn or more - were covered in interviews on 21 May 2017 by the Prime Minister in The Sunday Telegraph and by David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, in The Sunday Times. Lawyers for Britain have now published our new and updated Analysis of the UK’s potential financial liabilities which looks at the legal arguments in depth, and concludes that most of the EU's claims are legally very weak.

Jurisdiction of the Luxembourg Court after Brexit

One issue which has surfaced is whether the European Court of Justice should be given a continuing role in supervising areas of UK law after we leave, such as the rights of EU nationals who are resident here when we leave. Our committee member Dr Gunnar Beck explains the reasons why The European Court of Justice is not an impartial court and has no role to play in post-Brexit EU-UK relations

Our continuning role in the Article 50 process

The delivery of the Article 50 notification letter to Donald Tusk on 30 March 2017 was a watershed. It means that the question now is not if, but how and on what terms, the UK exits from the European Union. Many complex legal questions are involved in finding the best way of untangling ourselves from 45 years of membership, minimising disruption to our trading and other relationships with our European partners but at the same time maximising the freedom of our country to make the most of the opportunities of Brexit.

Preparations for exit will involve making changes to the UK's international treaty relationships and to its internal laws, as well as addressing the post-exit relationship between the UK and the remaining EU. We have published our step-by-step guidance to all the major aspects of this process in Brexit - how it will all work.

Joining us and following us

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