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Politeia publishes "Leaving the EU" by Martin Howe QC

Politeia (A Forum for Social and Economic Thinking) has published "Leaving the EU: Legal and Trade Priorities for the New Britain" by Martin Howe QC, Chair of Lawyers for Britain: download here. It is summarised on the Politeia website. It sets out a comprehensive plan for preparing the UK's international trade relations and domestic laws to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, as well as how relations with the remaining EU should be handled.

The Supreme Court Article 50 case and the wording of s. 2(1) ECA 1972

We publish an article by Annabel Partridge which casts new light on the detailed wording of section 2(1) of the European Communities Act 1972 and asks precisely what the subsection does. The subsection, she argues, does not "give legal effect" to EU laws but rather does something subtly different, which is to require that they be "recognised" and "available in law".

UK can negotiate and conclude trade treaties before we leave

Lawyers for Britain Committee Member and barrister Francis Hoar has researched in depth the legal arguments about whether the UK is prevented from negotiating and concluding international trade agreements before the date it exits the EU. He concludes that the argument that the UK is prevented from doing so has no support from the EU Treaties or from the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union: see Negotiating International Trade Treaties before Exit.

Germany and the EU cannot afford to drive a hard bargain over Brexit

Gunnar Beck, Lawyers for Britain Committee Member, barrister and Reader in EU law & Legal Theory, University of London, explains how Germany's Eurozone trade surpluses are in fact funded by German taxpayers via the European Central Bank so that Germany and the EU's bargaining position over Brexit is weaker than it might seem.

Latest attempts to frustrate or reverse the referendum

Lawyers for Britain have published our commentary on some attempts which are currently being made to frustrate or overturn the democratic decision of the British people: see our post Invoking Article 50: the Law, the Constitution and Politics.

We also publish the comments of some of the many lawyers who have contacted us to express their opposition to a letter by barrristers to the Prime Minister which seeks to overturn the referendum result.

Lawyers for Britain and the case for voting "leave"

Two of our founding committee members, Eric Phillips and Victoria Hewson, set out their views in their article for City AM "We lawyers are also debating the EU. Here is the case for 'leave'"