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The European Research Group (ERG), a group of Conservative Parliamentarians, has decided that the legal effects of the government’s proposed “Windsor framework” deal with the European Union should be audited and assessed, and that the results should be published.


Click link to download: ERG Legal Advisory Committee Review and Assessment – 21 March 2023 (PDF)

The report is by the ERG’s Legal Advisory Committee. The lead authors of this 133 page detailed report were Martin Howe KC (also Chairman of Lawyers for Britain), and Barnabas Reynolds, solicitor and partner and global head of Financial Services at City law firm Shearman & Sterling. They were assisted by James Webber, Professor David Collins, Simon Letherman, Christopher Howarth and Wilf Odgers.

Download the ERG’s Press Release: Press Release Star Chamber 21/03/23 (PDF)


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Martin Howe

About the author

Barnabas Reynolds